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RSCS receives correspondence from many resources. Information listed below are opportunities that come across to us that may not have reached you. This is not an endorsement for programs. The intent is to help make you aware of additional learning opportunities that might be of interest to you.

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Media Literacy:


The National Association for Media Literacy Education is a resource focusing on media competency that includes accessing, analyzing, evaluating, and communicating information in print and non-print messages: teaches advertising literacy to kids through gameplay: teaches advertising literacy to kids through gameplay:


The Media Literacy Clearinghouse (MLC), coordinated by media literacy expert, Frank W. Baker assists educators who want  

to teach standards that include non-print media texts

to learn more about media literacy and integrate it into the classroom

to help students read media

to help students to develop a media awareness

to locate appropriate resources


The Newseum, headquartered in Washington, D.C., promotes, explains and defends free expression and the five freedoms of the First Amendment: religion, speech, press, assembly and petition.​


The National Association for Media Literacy Education is a national organization dedicated to media literacy. NAMLE’s mission is to be the leading voice, convener and resource to foster critical thinking and effective communication for empowered media participation.


Now, more than 70,000 schools address all of those issues head on with our Common Sense Media Digital Literacy and Citizenship Programs


Center for News Literacy, Stony Brook University

News Literacy is a curriculum developed at Stony Brook University in New York over the past decade. It is designed to help students develop critical thinking skills in order to judge the reliability and credibility of information, whether it comes via print, television or the Internet. This is a particularly important skill in the Digital Age, as everyone struggles to deal with information overload and the difficulty in determining the authenticity of reports. In the Stony Brook model, students are taught to evaluate information primarily by analyzing news as well as new forms of information that are often mistaken for journalism.​


Young Voices of New York is a website produced by the NY News Publishers Association (NYNPA) where young people under the age of 14 can write news articles and reviews under the mentorship of an experienced journalist and educator, as well as share ideas with other young people through blogging. offers free literacy-related teaching resources to boost reading comprehension skills and strategies and are Common-Core aligned.

The News Literacy offers an appreciation of credible journalism and tools to be an informed participant in the nation's democracy. offers literacy resources, as literature, non-fiction literature and current events. has the latest scientific research in literacy-related and other topics.

Ultimate Guide to Storytelling  is a place where curiosity and imagination lead to exploration and discovery in learners of all ages allows teachers and students to connect globally through literature - This site strengthens kids and communities through the power of their own stories - ALA Youth Media Awards – The American Library Assoc. honors books, videos and other outstanding materials for kids and teens allows teachers and students to create and share activities, projects and resources that are visually grouped

Fabulous Apps:


Language Arts:


Grammar Pop


Strip Designer




Write About This


Haiku Creation App:






Mt. Multiplis


DragonBox Algebra 5+


Slice Fractions


Maftific -  games and apps:






Owl Pellet Activities


Pines to Vines: The Forest Biome


DIY Sun Science


Social Studies:




One Globe Kids


Journeys of Invention


Presidents Challenge


Field Trip


Music and Art:


Faces iMake


Anytune Pro+




Flashnote Derby




Special Needs:


See. Touch.  Learn. Pro


Learning Ally:


My Pictures Talk


Word Flips


Letter Reflex


Reading Resource for Parents

Reading Rockets:



 From the Public Library:


Reading Together: Everything You Need to Know to Raise a Child Who Loves to Read by Diane W. Frankenstein


The Following reference books are published by Libraries Unlimited, Westport, Ct.:


The Children’s and Young Adult Literature Handbook, by John Gillespie


Books Kids Will Sit Still For: A Read-A-Loud Guide, by Judy Freeman


The Big Book of Children’s Reading Lists, by Nancy J. Keane


Best Books for Children: Pre-School - Grade 6, by Catherine Barr and John T. Gillespie


The public website for the American Library Association's public awareness campaign:

The American Library Association offers a detailed list of children's book, pring and media  award programs:

The Library of Congress provides a database of almost 250 free e-resource platforms, websites and electronic collections:


The American Association of School Librarians helps educators plan lessons that align with the Common Core Standards:

The American Library Association offers a comprehensive list of worldwide digital library collections:

The African Online Digital Library is a source to multimedia collections about Africa:


Archives Portal Europe provides access to the national archives of 16 countries: is an electronic text archive that has thousands of vooks, manuscripts, reference materials, anthologies, and  other texts available for free:


Great Websites for Kids is a web directory designed for youth to age 14:


Common Core Standards - Resources:  (NYS's major platform for disseminating Common Core information)

The Common Core Curriculum Mapping Project

ASCD Common Core State Standards

Common Standards


Reading Resources for Parents

Lessons for teaching literacy through art, Literacyhead uses art to
teach children skills in reading and writing:

New York State Reading Association

International Literacy Association (formerly International Reading Association)

New York State Department of Education

New York State United Teachers

National Education Association

ASCD's monthly online-only "Mining the Research" column - Stay abreast of the latest education research

Born to Learn - an insightful and entertaining animated series on how we learn

Rock Thoughts is an international collaborative art and storytelling project designed to empower children through creativity

Adolescent Literacy - a source for educators and parents in developing reading and writing skills for students in grades 4 - 12

Fred Seiden, RSCP's Co-President - Visit his Half Hollow Hills' class website (e-Board) which may provide a rich resource for intermediate teachers, students, and parents


One World Education - non-profit program that showcases writing by middle and high school students in an effort to promote youth literacy


The Professional Learning Network - a professional social network for educators

Classroom 2.0 - a social network for those interested in web 2.0 design and social networking in education

The English Companion - a professional social network built around language arts, especially useful for secondary teachers

One World Education is a non-profit program that showcases writing by middle and high school students to promote youth literacy:

#elemchat is a powerful learning and collaboration opportunity that is the weekly #edchat; #elemchat was created to provide elementary school educators a venue for discussing issues and strategies that are specific to teaching in the elementary school context:

Literacy in Learning Exchange is a web-based hub of information and resources for teachers from the National Center for Literacy Education that offers research, expert commentary and case studies of schools, including video clips and work samples that are using fresh, effective approaches to literacy.

Google Docs enables students and teachers to not only create and store a variety of word documents online, but also to work together in real time from anywhere in the world and for free.

VITAL New York on Teachers' Domain is a free digital media service for
educational use by New York's public broadcasting stations and their partners, providing media resources, support materials and tools for classroom lessons, individualized learning programs and teacher professional learning communities

Links to Some of our Guest Presenters

Professor Dean Miller - Director of Stony Brook University's Center for News Literacy of the School of Journalism:


Beauty and the Beast Storytellers: Margaret Hamilton and Mitch Weiss, award-winning authors and internationally-renown storytellers

Rory Cohen - nationally-recognized literacy consultant of Schoolwide, Inc. Her organization is endorsed by NYSUT as a source in providing teachers and students access to quality resources in improving reading and writing in grades K - 8

Sarah Cordova, National Literacy Consultant and Director of D.E.I. (Distinctive Educator's Institute) - Ms. Cordova works in elementary and middle school classrooms across the country supporting administrators, literacy coaches and classroom teachers in developing and implementing the most effective and engaging reading and writing practices. For classroom strategies, student samples and classroom photos, click here

Follow Sarah Cordova on Facebook by searching for D.E.I.

Dr. Heather Forest - awardwinning author, storyteller and recording artist's website for teachers and librarians about the use of storytelling in the classroom to enhance speaking, listening and writing skills

Dr. Timothy Rasinski - nationally distinguished literacy professor from Kent State University whose webite offers materials and strategies on effective teaching from phonics to fluency

Irene Ruddock, artist, author, teacher

Sandi Bloomberg, author of interactive children's books

Johanna Hurwitz, nationally-acclaimed author of 70 children's books

Lesson Plan and Online Resources offers free research-based lesson plans and online resources that will help you use internet content to teach reading and language arts in grades k - 12

Learning and Teaching Resources

Math Activities for Kids


Calculators for Kids: Teach Children Math with These Free Calculation Tools


ZoomSci: Science and Engineering Projects for Kids


The Kids' Guide to Simple Machines in Cars

Wildlife and Nature Lesson Plans and Resources for Educators

Forest Fire Safety and Prevention for Kids

Astronomy for Kids

History of the White House: Building and Rebuilding a Monument

Connecting with Colleagues: Educational Networking

VoiceThread allows for group digital conversations in one place from anywhere in the world creating electronic forums for students and teachers

Twitter for Teachersis a Twitter mentor site that allows teachers to find other educators, in all categories, to share ideas

SupportBloggingprovides an opportunity for students, teachers, administrators, and parents to use blogging as an educational tool

The Teachers Leaders Network (TLN)is a network of active communities of highly accomplished educational leaders who are dedicated to student success and the development of the teaching profession

A Year of Reading (recommended by Instructor Magazine)

Teachers review new children's books. The reviews are teacher-focused and pinpoint possible readers as well as how a book may be used in a classroom.

Wordsmith is a worldwide online community of over 800,000 readers, worldwide from Australia to Zimbabwe, who share a love for words, wordplay, language, and literature

Professional development resources that help educators to advance and support the creation of inclusive and equitable K - 12 communities, relative to reading and language arts

Choice Literacy: the home on the web for K - 12 literacy leaders. the site presents tools, guides, literacy lessons, and expert advice from literacy coaches, teachers, and school leaders. This website has grown to include over 700 professionally produced and edited video and print features from the most prominent educators, as well as promising newcomers

Ten Great Sites with Free Teacher Resources


Ultimate Guide to Storytelling


Teaching Financial Literacy: A Guide for Parents and Teachers